Month: June 2019

Course Audit

Welcome back! As English 201 is coming to an end and exam week is looming over us all once again, i’m sure you are interested to hear about my experience in this course and gain a bit of background knowledge about the posting. I planned on taking this course to help me expand my knowledge Read More

Week 4 – Using Timeline.js to create a timeline

This week we were tasked with creating either a timeline or a story map. I chose to do the timeline since I will be creating one for my Alaska Highway Project. I based my timeline off some of the dates I find most important to highlight and believe that I will be using this website Read More

Metadata Games Week 3

For week 3 of digital humanities, we were tasked with playing a few different metadata games, then writing a brief summary of the two we enjoyed the most. I personally enjoy games like Scrabble and Boggle so the two word games ‘Stupid Robot’ and ‘Zen Tag’ stood out the most for me. Below I will Read More